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Sean- 6th-7th Grades
I Believe in You

Jan 2017

Sean, I still think this song is not quite in your range yet. Give it some time before you use it for an audition piece! You don't want to sound like you are struggling with low notes!
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Proud of Your Boy

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Giants in the Sky

July 2016

There is nothing easy about this song! Listen for places that get nasaly and contrast that with the places where you whispered and made it more magical for the listener.
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Close Every Door

April 2016

Sean, listen to the maturity in the voice we have been working so hard on!
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Santa Fe (Newsies)

May 2016

Listen to the mature sound we are working so hard on! Nice vibrato Sean! We need to continue working on staying connected between breath and voice so you don't overshoot on pitch.
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She's in Love

Sean, listen to places where you could pronounce the words more like we've been working on! That really helps to fix pitch a little more too.
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Pure Imagination

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River in the River

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Getting Tall

Feb 2016
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I Need to Know

Sean- This was a much better recording than the first try. You were giving more attention to holding your sound and following through to the end of each note.
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Why Am I Me

Sean, listen to some places where your voice sounds uncontrolled. Also listen for places the voice sounds like it's yelling! You do such a great job having energy in your voice but you have to be careful not to over do it!
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It's Possible

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Who Will Buy (Oliver)

Sean, please listen for a few spots where your words jumble together instead of being very crisp and clear. Also you will hear why I kept telling you to be careful of yelling (or what I call punching) on certain sounds. As a singer, we want our sounds to be smooth, unless the composer wants a word to be more dynamic than others. You will hear a lot of places where the sound is pushed. Great job learning this song quickly and working so hard on it!
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The Kite

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Waiting For the Light to Shine

Sean, you did a great job holding steady, solid sounds! Notice that!!
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