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Sarah D.- 7th- 9th Grades
I'm not Afraid of Anything

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Gimme Gimme

Sarah, this is just the ending half of your recording. I know you would not have been happy with the beginning! We can redo it or just keep moving on to work on relaxing and getting more comfortable singing softer and never over powering. It takes practice and time to realize that being "LOUD" is not the most important thing to singing. It just seems that way when we listen to belting in current musical theater. Then again, those belters are practiced and know how to do it without forcing it! You will be so happy with your voice when you can sing easier!
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What it Means to Be a Friends

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Taylor the Latte Boy
Sarah- Enjoy the "soft" parts of this song. I absolutely love the progress you are making relaxing your voice into "falsetto". I want you to also hear, however, the parts that get very sharp toward the end. I hear you be spot on so often and want you to truly realize when you are getting pushy/pitchy. Pushy and Pitchy go hand in hand!
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Legally Blonde

Sarah- I know this was so hard with the low beginning cerses! It's good to keep at it even when it is uncomfortable! Like I said... listen to how nice the soft parts are from the middle to the end of the song. I am really happy with the progress on your control and relaxation.
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No Good deed

Sarah- Be proud of your hard work in starting to relax. There are so many times when you get a non-forced soft tone in this song. There will always be things you don't like about a recording, but use that to realize the things that bother you! That's how we learn and grow!
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Someday- Second Recording

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Someday- First Recording

Sarah- We never like every part of our recordings! Just remember that recordings are used to develop an ear for things we talk about in our sessions. For example, we've been talking a lot about "pushing" the voice and how you will stay closer to pitch if you are more relaxed. This is something you can be listening for in this recording! Great job performing this song at recital!
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