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Megan- 6th-10th Grades
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Come Away With Me
Another awesome recording! I think we've found a great niche for you!
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Don't Know Why
Megan- I think this is my favorite ever!! That says a lot! The texturing and sense of detail is awesome!
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Legally Blonde

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Stars and the Moon

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Megan-- think of your vowels and, especially in the beginning, how you can be a little more precise. Great song!!!
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I Know It's Today
Megan- You worked so hard! Great job on such a tough, funny, yet sweet song. You were more tired when we recorded the "older" section. You were still bright and forward, just had a little throat noise from the tiredness. We need our bodies to be strong to make the proper support for those big notes. Enjoy!!
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What a Wonderful World
Megan- Great choice for Christmas this year!! Keep practiced on this one so you can sing it at retirement home soon...
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The Lamest Place in the World
Megan! Awesome job! Of course you were brilliant at recital, but here we can hear you without being sick!! Great job on clarity. I don't hear as many throat sounds. It was more open than usual!
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Please Don't Leave Me
Megan-- I can't believe I let you do this song! Haha! I think you did great exploring your inner pop diva! I'd still like to hear more attitude and boldness of character come through.
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Christmas Medley
Duet with Megan and Emily! Megan playing the piano!!
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Good Morning Baltimore
Go Megan!! I'm really happy with your support. I hope you see how much it pays off to focus on it and really go for it!
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Grown Up Christmas List

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Taylor the Latte Boy
Megan- Enjoy listening to the power on the higher sounds. Thank you for working so hard on not transitioning, but staying in the power zone!
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I Want It Now
Megan- good bratty song! Good strong vowels and held sounds. "roomfuls of laughter" section could use more control on holds.
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The Wizard and I
Megan... very hard song choice! Listen to the energy level... much better than the first few takes. Please watch the control and the vowel strength.
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A Change in Me
Megan... notice how bright the voice gets when you get to the words "come from bad". This is the type of sound you want to have on the lower notes also.
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Candle on the Water
Very nice Megan!! Listen for some "r's" on "water" and other words. Your voice is much brighter and the control is much stronger! I am very proud of you for working so hard and paying attention to details. I love how you are practicing the fade out on the last note. Beautiful job!
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