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Gabby M.- 2nd-4th Grades
My New Philosophy (You're a Good Man Charlie Brown)

Nov 2017

Awesome!! Listen to how much acting with your song helps it come across so well even when nobody can see you sing it! Acting is key!
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Sept 2017

Gabby, thank you for working so hard to fix all of the words that were slurring together! It is so much better sounding when your words are pronounced so well. You also worked hard on opening the inside of your mouth more to make a clearer sound! Awesome job!
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Aug 2017

Gabby, please notice when your voice sounds "pushy" or "yelly"! You will hear why I'm always telling you to relax your neck and breath deeply! We don't have to force our voice to be loud, we just need to support it with our ab muscles and open up the throat!
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April 2017

You ARE beautiful!! And THIS is beautiful!
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July 2017
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Never Groe Up

Nov 2016
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Part of Your World

Jan 2017
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On The Good Ship Lollipop

Aug 2016

Gabby, great job working on not "yelling" but finding a nice in-between loudness! We don't want to scare our audience or hurt our voices by pushing it too hard and screaming on high notes!
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Where is Love (Oliver)

July 2016

I am so proud of you Gabby for spending so much time to sing in beautiful smooth lines and not be choppy and forced! It is hard to do but it sounds so nice to control the voice!
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Lost Boy

June 2016

Gabby, listen for places where you use your real voice in such a nice way and places where you are "darkening" and forcing the "older" sound. Also listen to some loud breaths. We will work really hard to get your breath to work for you in a better way!
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