of Training!
Gabbi- 10th grade to 11th grades (For earlier years, click on link below)
Gabbi- This is a great recording to end our 8 years on!!!! So much texture and thickness to accompany the feeling of this amazing song!! You rock and I will miss you SOOO much!! Santa Cruz will be good for ya'!
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My Immortal

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Endless Night
Go Lion King!!! Nothing like taking a "guy" song and turning it into awesomeness!
Click here to download

If I Were a Boy
Nice and gritty and full of strength and story!
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You & I
Yeah!! Gabb, this is AWESOME!! So nice and "grainy" and full of texture!
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Someone Like You (Adele)

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Glitter in the Air

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Gabbi ("Gabbit"): Here is your new recording of this song... I removed the older one.
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Never Alone
Gabbi- great work. Much better relaxation, although there are still moments of tightness. The support is really coming along.
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Gabbi- Something slightly funky happened when I re-recorded "I have no choice". Sorry! We can always redo! But this really awesome, especially the mixture you were soooo afraid of at the end!
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Time to Say Goodbye
Gabb-- Do I LOVE training you in classical or what?!! I love this mature sound and this vibrato that is so natural. There are wonderful things happening here and some things that will just grow and get better with age and training!! Enjoy you Diva!!
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Gabbi- Another very nice "out-of-your-comfort-zone" song! I am enjoying listening to you explore that beautiful upper voice. I love the beginning and the changes we made while recording. Listen for the difference between the open, clear sounds and the tighter, throaty ones.
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Breathe (2 a.m.)

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