and Policies
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E v e r y   V o i c e   i s   D i f f e r e n t !
My Temecula in-home studio is a youthful, friendly atmosphere equipped with a digital recording suite, piano, and a huge library of music.

My motto is... "We're all mental... and so is singing". Much of the technique I coach involves visualizing and acting within to promt our brain to help us for once! Speech level singing! It is true that a singer must have SOME natural talent in pitch, sound, and musicality to better their voice through vocal training! 
The technique I use and love has been passed down through many generations from the musicals of the 30's and 40's. My former teacher was taught by famed Hollywood vocal coach, George Griffin. The technique focuses on visualizing flowing notes without excessive "forcing" or over attention to straight, pushed sound. My main goal is to help reduce straining and yelling in order to build a strong, healthy vocal foundation through breath support, blending  and guided placement.
Yes, there are thousands of vocal methods in this world. With all those teachers, methods, and all of the different voices presented to us, who is to say another teacher is ever wrong? What I stand by is that each way something is explained is something we should be open to as teachers and as people who learn and adapt to our surroundings. I think it is important to train a student in a way that works for them.
I spent my whole life studying various genres from Classical to Rock to Musical Theater. After teaching since 1998, I've carefully adapted my various techniques to work on many ages and many different voices. I know the true joy of seeing a singer accomplish something they didn't think they could. This keeps me going as a teacher and a true lover of behind the scenes coaching!
My students are expected to practice their vocal warm-ups as well as their current repetoire to build an effortless voice over time.
Although singing can be easy, it still takes patience and an open mind to make progress! When I say "OPEN MIND", I mean it! If we can think it, we can make it happen in the realm of vocalization.


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